About Us

Established in 2014.

The Garage Bar is a fresh start to an old space that has served Grand Rapids as a tavern since the mid 1900's. With roots tying back to the Beason Saloon, the "Beason 1941" capstone can still be seen on the top of the buildings Ottawa Ave facade. Through different owners and names (most recently "Teazer's"), the building finally found the owner's the transformed it into "Grand Rapids Garage Bar & Grill" in 2014.

GRGB is the Home of the 2-3-4, there's always a $2 Draft, a $3  Well Drink, and a $4 Glass of Wine all day, every day!
Our Sunday Fun-Day shot specials, and a $4 Bloody Mary Bar - Voted BEST in West Michigan!

We like to say the Garage Bar & Grill 'runs a good party'. 
What's that mean?
It means we make real food, starting with fresh ingredients, then turn up the flavor with a Garage twist.
It means cold beer with no pretense, real drinks with booze you can taste, and even a shot with your friends if you're in the mood.
It's music you can sing along to and the kind of people who don't mind if you're a little outta tune. 
So when they ask you, "What is the Grand Rapids Garage Bar & Grill?"
Tell 'em "It's real food, real drinks, real people, and no bullsh*t!"
Or just tell 'em that 'we run a good party.'